HP H240ar Smart Host Bus Adapter price chennai

HP H240ar Smart Host Bus Adapter

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Product Description
  • Model Number: 726757 B21
  • Form factor: Flexible smart host bus controller
  • Performance:
  • 12 Gb/s SAS (Bandwidth per physical link)
  • 96 Gb/s total available bandwidth (8 physical links x 12 Gb/s)
  • Features:
  • SAS Technology delivers high performance and data bandwidth up to 12 Gb/s per physical link
  • Mix and Match SAS and SATA hard drives; Deploy drive technology as needed
  • PCIe 3.0 x8 (8 GB/s bandwidth)
  • Ports: Eight (8) SAS physical links distributed across 2 x4 internal SFF8087 Mini SAS connectors
  • Capacity:
  • Eight 12 Gb/s SAS physical links supporting up to 2 simultaneous x4 SAS Ports
  • Capacity up to 144TB
  • Warranty: 1 year Warranty